2018 4th of July Festivities in Porterdale

Make plans to celebrate your 4th of July next year in Porterdale, Georgia. The Family Fun Activities and Fireworks were great fun and the Milazzo Family was proud to be a part of the day.

Meet the Milazzo Family

Meet the Milazzo Family.  We are a small staff but most of us have been working together since the start of Milazzo's in 2012. 

My Story

My cooking began at a very young age with my Grandmother. I would sit with her in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I became her little assistant. Funny enough, she would always tell me the story of how she had to cook for Granddaddy and some friends shortly after they were married and the she had never cooked a day in her life. She and Granddaddy would both admit and laugh at how terrible the dinner turned out. So over the course of their very long marriage Grandma taught herself to cook and bake. Her food was amazing. Needless to say, by the age of probably 6 or 7, tall enough to climb on a stool and reach the stove, I was cooking independently.

Since that time, I have always had an interest in food and cooking and have never shyed away from anything new or trying anything new. When I finally left the corporate world and I was dabbling in Organic Farming, I began cooking and selling my food at local Farmers Markets. Oddly enough I became known as the “Tomato Pie” lady. I branched out and was pickling, and creating my own jams and jellies exclusively around wines, beers and cocktails.

Once I moved to Covington in 2009 I had the idea to open a market that provided local produce, fresh bread and of course, all of my cuisine. To my surprise it was the food that I was cooking that became the driving force behind the shop. So every week I would pick three to four different meals to cook, anywhere from Italian to French and sell pre-prepared gourmet meals. It was an amazing feeling getting to know each of my customers and knowing that I was giving them pleasure with my food.

In 2013 I opened an Italian restaurant “Milazzo’s Ristorante” in tribute to my Grandmother and Grandfather. It was their guidance and training that gave me my skills but also gave me something even more important…..an understanding of my personal heritage, and the history of my family. I still have very fond memories of cooking special meals with my Grandmother and I also have all of her recipes in the same shoe box that she kept them in.

If you would have told me ten years ago that cooking would be a passion of mine, and I would own a restaurant, I would have chuckled. It is more the combination of wanting to create something amazing to eat but also becoming a part of peoples lives and giving them pleasure through food.